On January 25th our kindergarteners were introduced to the traditional Scottish celebration of Burns Night. They learned interesting information about the life of the famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns, and discovered how and why Robert Burns’ birthday has become a cultural event celebrated around the globe, especially in his birth place, Scotland. Our pupils “travelled” to Scotland, met the highland cows and the beautiful thistles, got enthusiastic with the Highland games, the Scottish bagpipes, the tartan kilts and the haggis. After coloring our own tartan kilts, we were ready to celebrate our Burns supper. Our gym hall was transformed with flowers, tartan and tables to provide a wonderful background to the celebration. We read many famous poems of Robert Burns, made a toast to honor him and danced to the traditional Scottish sounds, closing our celebration with the Burns’ famous Auld Lang Syne holding hands. Oh, what a great time we had! 

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